Christmas time = FOOD (lots of it) and FAMILY

Regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, I know a lot of families (or groups of friends) choose to spend the day together eating, drinking and enjoying each others company.

Perhaps you have already planned out exactly what you will be making for the day (or maybe you’ve handed that baton to someone else) but if not and you want some inspiration then check out the list below that has been inspired by some of my favourite recipe creators.

I’ve tried to choose recipes that contain seasonal ingredients depending on the climate but feel free to mix and match. All (ok most) of the recipes are suitable for a paleo (grain, dairy, legume and sugar free) style of eating and most of the options are suitable for those following an autoimmune paleo style of eating or the Gut and psychology syndrome diet.


Festive Menu for an Aussie summer


Meat and seafood

Vegetable sides





Festive menu for a white Christmas



Vegetable sides




I hope you all enjoy your Christmas planning and feasting. If you would like to share what is on your menu just place a comment below.

Written by Sarana

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