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Christmas menu

Christmas time = FOOD (lots of it) and FAMILY Regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not, I know a lot of families (or groups of friends) choose to spend the day together eating, drinking and enjoying each others company. Perhaps you have already planned out exactly what you will be making for the day (or maybe… Read more »

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10 tips to support detoxification

Lets face it… in the first few days of cleaning up our diets or doing a structured detox, its pretty normal to feel like crap. The body is effectively doing what it is supposed to and that is removing a build up of toxins. You might experience headaches, body aches, fatigue and downright crankiness. Don’t… Read more »

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Marinara sauce with basil and oregano

Making your own marinara sauce is extremely easy to do. This recipe staple is packed with flavor and can be used in many of your favorite dishes. Your family will love it! This Roasted Marinara Sauce is a wonderful and healthy substitute. This recipe is packed with fresh and delicious ingredients that contain many health… Read more »

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Grain free sushi

Since making this sushi and taking it to work for lunch I’ve had a quite a few requests to share the recipe so here goes, a perfect healthy summer lunch. Ingredients 500g raw cauliflower florets .5 – 1 tablespoon coconut oil Sea salt 1 tablespoon tahini (this helps the rice to stick together) 2 tablespoons… Read more »

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Zucchini carbonara

After dinner last night, I was so excited to share my dinner with you all (the recipe that is because I kept the leftovers to myself). The recipe is adapted from one that I had been excited to try for some time because I love love love zucchini. The original recipe is from Primal Blueprint… Read more »