I have recently bought a Thermomix and wanted to share what had me sold on one just in case you are in a similar predicament then I once was. I had been toying with the idea of getting a Thermomix for quite a while (ok years) but I didn’t really know much about them initially, I knew that it could make salads and dips in seconds, was ideal for making bliss balls, that my friends with them were raving about them and I knew the cost. The cost for me was what sat behind all my excuses, “I’ll get one eventually, but not now, maybe when we have kids”, “I already have a blender”, “I don’t have time to learn how to use it”, “blah blah blah”. But there was something about the Thermomix that kept me interested especially because more and more people I knew were getting them… all of whom had become raving fans.

Well eventually after a couple of time borrowing my mums TM31 (the previous version) I decided to take the plunge and purchase one, the newer version (the TM5), for myself.


The previous model, the TM31 and homemade bulletproof coffee (left). And my TM5 (right).

These were a few things that had me sold.

  • The speed (I’m talking under 5 seconds) at which it could chop a large amount of vegetables. This makes making salads or chopping onions, garlic, carrot, you name it, to add to your meals an absolute breeze.
  • The fact that it prepares the best cauliflower rice which you can then either cook in a fry pan, oven or the Thermomix itself. Previously I’d either made cauli rice with a grater (effective but messy and time consumer) or a small food processor (uneven result and mushy).
  • I could make my own coconut and almond butter (oh yum), along with almond milk and flour for less than half the cost that I would pay buying it in store or online.
  • The fact that I could walk away while dinner is cooking and get other things done without worrying about overcooking my dinner.
  • My blender had broken and I was after a good quality replacement and a food processor.
  • One appliance for so so many functions: I don’t like clutter or have excess cupboard space and don’t like using lots of different appliances to make one dish (seriously that’s way too much effort and too many dishes).
  • One pot meals and the ability to make multiple meals at one time. While making a soup in the mixing bowl, I can be steaming rice in the basket and cooking chicken and vegetables as well.
  • I could make my own curry pastes and sauces with ease.

It didn’t take too much to convince my husbands seeing as I had ummed and ahhed about it for so long and spoken about the benefits that he was probably very sick of hearing about it. And when I compared the cost of a thermomix, which has multiple functions and would get used daily saving me time and money, to his much more expensive toys (aka motorbike, four wheel drive and mountain bike) that only get used every few weekends or months then he couldn’t very well say no (sneaky sneaky wife… hey happy wife, happy life right?).

Since seeing a thermomix in action and cooking with it at home my husband has been quite impressed. It does so much more than what he expected and he has even asked if he could take it with him on a boys camping trip so that he could make pizza dough and smoothies and has suggested that we should take it on our next road trip adventure. Who knows perhaps I’ll even get him cooking dinner.

banana honeycomb smoothieBanana honeycomb smoothie.

Who is a thermomix perfect for?

  • People who hate to cook or have limited cooking skills. With the guided cooking style of the TM5, you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to create great meals. Just follow step by step instructions (feel free to make modification if you wish) and before you know it you will have a delicious meal served up.
  • People who love to cook and experimenting in the kitchen. With the manual cooking style you have the flexibility to create dishes based on how you like to cook and eat. Great if you want to re-create old favourites, make up a dish completely from scratch or even if it just means chopping certain ingredients or steaming a side of vegetables or rice to go with your latest creation.

wpid-img_20150731_201155.jpgDelicious chicken Tikka Masala with cauliflower rice. Recipe thanks to SkinnyMixers.

  • People with limited time (or want to spend extra time with their families). Creating meals can be so quick and easy that you can reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. Plus with the guided recipe function you know how long each step of the recipe will take so you can wander off and spend time with your kids, hang out the washing or even relax and read a book (all while dinner is cooking).
  • People with limited space. One appliance with many functions well that automatically reduces the need to have cupboards full of a blender, food processor, mix master, scales, steamer, hand beater, etc.

wpid-20150620_090143.jpgOne compact appliance with so many functions. The above image was taken while making an omelette.

  • People who love eating well when traveling or who move houses often. This saves the amount of kitchen stuff that you have to pack (and re-pack) when moving house. Also great if your traveling in a caravan (or even camping) and want to eat well.
  • People with food allergies and intolerance’s. If you have (or know someone with) food intolerance or allergies then the thermomix is great. For example if your allergic to milk, you can make your own almond milks (without the preservatives and flavorings that store bought ones often contain and for a fraction of the price), if you are intolerant to gluten then making your own breads from gluten free grains, nuts or seeds, or making a paleo treat to take to that party so you don’t feel left out or tempted to stick your head under the fondue fountain.

wpid-20150626_073923.jpgQuite possibly, the best (or close to) gluten free bread I’ve tried. Recipe in the included cookbook and on the recipe chip.

  • People who want to reduce the amount of processed packaged food in their (and their families) diets. Have you noticed how many preservatives, additives, sugar and trans fats are added to packaged foods even if it seems (or is labelled) as healthy? By making your own meals, snacks and condiments from scratch using whole foods you will automatically reduce the amount of nasties in your diet and will likely see some massive improvements in your health.
  • People who want to save money. Yes its a big investment but quite quickly you will probably notice that you are saving money because you are buying less packaged food and not relying on take out for those nights when you ‘just don’t have time to cook’.

wpid-img_20150730_153425.jpgNo more paying $10 for 500g of coconut yoghurt now that I can make it myself for under $4.

  • People who entertain often or cook for large groups of people. Being able to make multiple components of a dish at once and due to the increased size of the bowl and varoma of the TM5 make it easy to cook for large groups of people. Plus by hosting a demo you can receive a thermoserver which keeps dishes hot or cold for up to 2 hours so you can be keeping one dish hot while making another dish if you needed more food.
  • People with children of any ages. While I don’t have children of my own, I’ve heard that children love to use the thermomix and it gives peace of mind to the parents due to the safety features. Plus there is less mess when you get them to help you with baking. If your children are too young to get involved in the kitchen its still a great tool to hide (if thats what it takes) lots of veggies in their meals and to move away from packaged foods.

MeatballsHard to tell that I’ve hidden 4 carrots in these meatballs that are steaming in the varoma.

And it only took 4 seconds to chop the carrots this finely.

  • The elderly or those who have difficulty using other appliances. Chopping and preparing meals can be quite difficult for people with conditions such as arthritis and the thermomix makes food preparation a breeze. In addition for people unable to reach stove and bench tops (for example if restricted to a wheelchair) they can have the thermomix on a lower surface.
  • People who hate washing up. I’ve heard people say “if it did the washing up then I would buy one in a flash”. Well for those people I have news for you, while it won’t wash your plates and cutlery (isn’t that what dishwashers and husbands or children are for?) it can wash and dry itself. No kidding. See here for more http://www.superkitchenmachine.com/new-thermomix-tm5/cleaning Plus you can cook complete meals using just the thermomix so this automatically reduces that stack of dishes.

wpid-20150620_143712.jpgIngredients weighed, chopped, sauteed, boiled and pureed all in the mixing bowl for this soup.

Quick, easy and very few dishes. 

What about the not so good and the hesitations I most commonly hear.

  • The price. This was an initial concern of mine also but since appreciating the scope of what it could do and the quality of the product, I got over this especially since seeing areas that I’m saving money and tasting the dishes.
  • The volume and tone of the sound it plays when it has finished a function. Personally I don’t mind it as its been a good reminder that I’m actually cooking dinner when I get side tracked or happen to be dancing around the house with my headphones in (don’t judge, I’m sure you do this also :-P). And even if the tone is sounded, the heat and speed turns off when your timer reaches 0:00 so no more burnt saucepans and food when I’ve forgotten about the vegetables I’m steaming or the curry I’m heating up.

Great for making these superfood and 3 ingredient bliss balls and other healthy treats and snacks.

Don’t believe me or want to hear what others have to say? well here are some other reviews many of whom cook for much larger families than mine.

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Do you have a thermomix? Tell me in the comments below what else you love about it and what your favourite dishes to create are.